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On to the Emerald Eden of Oz
With none other than the man himself.
He dances his way through the darkness
into the light separating from the flesh and marrow.
Find him in the stars guided by none other
than He who he finds most pleasing to his mind.
We shall miss him, and remember it all
As we burn the days away as a candle's wick.
And from this madness will we learn a great many
things, all which we hope help align us to him.
But he moves with grace, mistakes of course
Dying as he lived, in the warm embrace of unconditional love nonetheless.
And yet his death was nothing but grace,
warm and peaceful, nothing could have been better.
Comedy alighted the room, giving all hope
in the eyes of Death's hand, leaving the world better than it once was.
We shall have hard times aplenty,
wondering where we will turn next.
And in our eyes, in our hearts, he will always exist,
Our love for him is eternal, and he will be eternally missed.
Rememberance of a Friend, Relative, a Grandfather
Just a little something to remember my Grandfather by. He passed on a week ago yesterday and we had a get together today for him.

Always in our hearts, minds, and souls. He will be missed dearly.

To Those Who Love:






Check out This Lets Play of Bioshock 1 by Jokermagician (me)!

You can find the first video in the series here -…

And if you like the video, feel free to like it, comment on it, share it, and let me know if you want more!

Take care!

- Jokermagician
Human brain composed of patterns.
Pattern needed to form cipher.
Cipher needed to form code.
Code needed to instruct human.
Human needed to operate procedure(s).
Human needed to house brain.
Human needs language to operate.

Language necessary for communication.
Communication necessary for execution of any task.
Task necessary for greater operation/procedure.
Procedure needed to invoke change.
Change needed to evolve.
Evolve needed to become something greater.
Something greater needed to stay in existence.
Existence needed...?

Or... wanted?

When commonplace is broken down into simplicity,
it is so strangely easy to see where computers and humans
decidedly differ and split.

We are machines.

And machines are we.

But, the word connotation means nothing to a machine more than any collection of letters.
Where, it tantalizes a human beyond compare to, shall we say, "feel" its meaning.
I sit amongst the fire light as it dances upon the walls and ceilings.
I ponder. Thoughts floating through my mind like smoke through the window.

A man sits upon a park bench. A child runs up and sits beside him.
The boy looks at the man and asks him a simple question.
He asks *What is life?*
The man looks at the boy, astonished by the inquiry.
The man struggles to find an answer suitable to the boy*s level of comprehension.
The man looks to the ground, looks to the sky, awaiting the words to arrive that he seeks to bestow upon the child*s wondering eyes.
Finally, the man finds the words he wishes to string together to satisfy the intellect of the boy and looks to him to provide an answer.
As the man looks, he is astounded.
The boy is gone.
The boy is now running amongst the grasses and bushes nearby, innocently following the trail as set forth by his own feet.

We, as a collective race, gain more understanding of the world and of society as we age. But, in steady recollection and reflection on our time of childhood past, we find that, on the average, we were happier then. Why is it so? Could it be the ignorance in regards to the world that gifted us such freedom? Or the unlocked and untapped potential of the imagination free of the mental prohibition that society and responsibility place upon us?

Well, as I sit here and wonder these things to myself, in a room lit by fire light, there are children across the globe who are continuing to happily run free amongst the bushes and grasses, living to their own definitions of their fullest potential, not giving a damn about the technicalities of society, life, and their impact upon the human race as a whole...

Now, you tell me who*s really living... (Laughs as he blows out the candle...)
Anyone Who Would Like to Read a New Fiction Book and Be One of the First Reviews on Amazon!!!

Hey there,

To anyone who, as it says above, would like to read a new fiction book and be one of the first reviews on Amazon, I will send to a free copy of my new book and a link to the Amazon page where the book currently resides. I am asking for an HONEST review.

If you would like to partake in this, please let me know in the comments section or via a private message!

I look forward to speaking with you!

Here's the Amazon page (internationally available too!) where the book can be found -

Here's a synopsis of the book -

"Origins of the Dreamweaver" is a psychological trip through the mentality of the universes' current Dreamweaver. You will learn how he came to be. You will step through the stages of his existence as he paints a vivid picture of what life, and what came after, was like for him. And you will learn what it's like to be the third party manipulator of the world's collective, subconscious thought, called the Dreamweaver. You will learn all of this, not from an outsider's point of view, but from the being himself, viewing it all through his eyes. Welcome, and be ready, for you are about to have the untold tale of the "Origins of the Dreamweaver" unfold before you...


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I'm an artugician. (That is artist, magician, musician, hahaha...) Very interested in art. Trying to refine and advance my skillset in figure drawing (or life drawing), storyboarding, and more. (P.s. - If anyone has any photographs I may use as reference images for my sketches, that would be greatly appreciated!)

And in regards to my work, whether sketches or literary content, I welcome comments and critiques! Thank you!

I am also heavily into video and computer gaming. I have studied and will continue to study computer programming. And more...

Take care!


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