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DaVinci Rough by Jokermagic
DaVinci Rough
Hey there,

Another quick sketch done tonight based upon public domain images of Leonardo DaVinci.

Hope you all enjoy it!

Take care!
Some Roughs
Hey there all! Haven*t posted any sketches in a while.

Here are some roughs of model Rocio Magali! Wonderful model to work with - I had an amazing time!

Hope you all enjoy and my many thanks to Ms. Magali!

Take care!
The only laws that are kept are those of Nature.
Nature is judge, jury, and executioner.
Nature giveth and Nature taketh.
Nature sees no man, woman, elder, or child as innocent or guilty.
There is no cheating it. There is no paying it off. There is no plea. There is only success and failure.
Try as any living organism might, he/she/it will never overcome Nature in regards to brute force and disrespect.
No, the only way to live is with respect.
Our ancestors knew that – and we should too.
Time and patience are the allies of Nature.
And they are also the two most difficult things for us, as living, breathing, thinking organisms to heed.
We can do it – I believe in us – but we must believe in us, too.
How is a man expected to rise from the ashes when the fire isn*t put out in the first place?
How is a man expected to stand with the protectors on his side when the protectors refuse to protect him and instead protect his abuser(s)?
How is a man expected to grow and change the world when no one will step in to join him?

I mean, he will do it. He will rise. He will stand. He will change the world. Just you wait…

Even so…

A man*s legacy in the search for justice cannot traverse past his own footfalls if no one will take up the mantle.
A man*s legacy in the search for justice cannot ascend to the heavens and beyond if no one will join in and support him.
A man*s legacy in the search for justice cannot climb from the abyss of terror if no one will step out of the way to allow him to escape from the depths of hell.
But, why should he be the one who is in such a position to begin with?

Why not the abuser(s)?
Why not the one(s) who commit(s) the wrong?
Why not the one(s) who force(s) the hand of the just man?

Must we have to shine a light where the darkest shadows take up their residence?
Must we have to poke and prod at those who are supposed to be so vigilant in their ever watchful virtues?
Must we have to rip the vocal chords from our lungs, screaming through walls and windows, breaking down barriers of ignorance, just to show everyone what is now and forever known to be innately right?

Is it a part of human nature to blind one*s self to what is more than obviously going around them?
Is it a part of human nature to try to bury one*s supposed family member before they even pass, just because of some unfortunate past?
Is it a part of human nature to heed the strength of the damned to bring about the destruction of those who seek only to live peacefully?

Why must I stand on this pedestal, only to say the most obvious of things?
Why must I bring to attention that which common sense, logic, and reasoning preach on a daily basis?
Why must I be the one who tries to and tried help the most to be the one who, in some ways, deteriorates the most?

Is it hatred for one*s self that stirs the fire of volatility?
Is it a burning desire for Death*s whispers in the night that breeds such animosity?
Is it some unfounded (and misdirected, no less) defense mechanism firing in search of attention and/or love?

The deterioration is over.
The time is now.
The seeds are falling and the trees within the valley of relief will grow.
I shall see you above the valley looking about the sea of green below.


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I'm an artugician. (That is artist, magician, musician, hahaha...) Very interested in art. Trying to refine and advance my skillset in figure drawing (or life drawing), storyboarding, and more. (P.s. - If anyone has any photographs I may use as reference images for my sketches, that would be greatly appreciated!)

And in regards to my work, whether sketches or literary content, I welcome comments and critiques! Thank you!

I am also heavily into video and computer gaming. I have studied and will continue to study computer programming. And more...

Take care!


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Thx for the :+devwatch: and for the :+fav: I appriciate this...

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Jokermagic Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Absolutely! Phenomenal work!
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thank you very much for the fav!!:heart:   Request 23# ~ Lolita-Artz by KiraiMirai  
i also have a facebook page if you want to encourage me there too…
Lolita-Artz by SilviaMS
Jokermagic Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Absolutely! I find your artwork incredibly fascinating. The color choices are amazing and the portraiture is wonderful!

Keep up the amazing work! And thank you for the info!

Take care -

 - Casey
Lolita-Artz Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2015  Professional Digital Artist

thank you very much for everything and the watch!! :heart: it mean a lot to me and i am happy you love my arts,i wish you a wonderful holidays

take care too ^^

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Wonderful work niffenegger!
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Same to you sir!
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